It’s a new organizational way of thinking that combines company culture, practices, and tools. Understand the infrastructure as code (IAC) model and its application to solve deployment problems. You should also know where and when to use those DevOps technologies and tools. These skills will let you eliminate complexity in product creation, minimize delays in deployment, and guarantee greater integration success across multiple platforms and operating systems.

As of February 2023, over 4,000 DevOps engineer positions were listed on Glassdoor [2]. According to the latest DevOps Engineer salary data, DevOps Engineers in the US can expect to earn an average of about $119,750 per year — along with an average annual bonus of about $6,850. These are general numbers that don’t consider different work locations, skill levels, employers, or other relevant factors.

Learning & Development Overview

Based on 41% of postings with advertised compensation, the median hourly salary for open positions for devops engineers in the United States is about $59. DevOps engineer salaries vary based on location, but many software development positions are fully remote. Consider expanding the scope of your search to encompass both in-person and remote opportunities.

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Pulumi Makes Cloud Configuration Simple and Secure with Pulumi ….

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It is essentially an integration of developers and operations teams for better performance. A DevOps engineer is responsible for leading and coordinating the activities of different teams to create and maintain a company’s software. The term ‘DevOps’ is derived from “development and operations” and is a set of practices aiming to increase the efficiency of the software development lifecycle through collaboration.

DevOps Engineer Job Description

Check out our comprehensive list of top 6 DevOps certifications for 2023 and find the best certification to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field. A lot of companies know it works and are adopting or planning to adopt this development mindset. You can get started by enrolling in Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer Master’s Program. You can further expand your DevOps training by how to become a devops engineer taking Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in DevOps. Here are some reasons why DevOps certified professionals are in high demand and why they are paid more than the people who are not certified. Such features have made DevOps indispensable in companies because of which the opportunities and salaries for DevOps certified professionals are growing multifold by each passing day.

Although not every company can match an AWS DevOps Engineer salary, the range is fairly tight and the compensation is generous. You can gain in-demand DevOps skills from an industry leader in technology with IBM’s Introduction to DevOps. In this beginner-friendly online course, you’ll learn about essential DevOps concepts like CI/CD, automation, and test driven development (TDD).

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